ATTENCTION! Before inserting your announcement, make sure you are up to date with the following parameters:

  • check that the animal to be shipped is correctly identified, that is with ear tags for both ears, and passport correctly compiled;
  • fill in the boxes of the model 4 your responsibility, ie part A - IDENTIFICATION and part C - DESTINATION (in this case the progressive serial number of Mod. 4 is assigned
    by the Veterinary Service);
  • ask the veterinary service to fill out part E - HEALTH CERTIFICATION, which must be stamped by the official veterinarian;
  • have the transporter complete part D - CONVEYOR;
  • update the company loading and unloading register , within three days from the departure of the boss from the company, reporting the exit from the farm (letter V), the departure date , the company of destination (company code or name and address of the holder) and the details of the model 4 (number);
  • send or deliver a copy of form 4 to the veterinary service of A.S.L. competent for the territory, within seven days;

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