JA Italia - Company in action"Is an entrepreneurial education program, it involves the creation of a real business (even if simulated), to be managed in all its parts. The purpose of JA is to train new entrepreneurs and encourage students to design and sell an innovative product or service. It is from this context that our company, Farm Animal Trade, is born.

FARM@ is a marketplace, to support individuals and farms, for the sale of farm animals that guarantees the traceability and the safety of the products reducing time costs and with a strong scalability.

FARM@totally falls into the concept of Agriculture 4.0, emphasizing the ever-increasing link between agricultural activities and the internet, the use of computers and the sharing of data and information, not only between machines, but also between different operators in the supply chain.

Vision & Mission

Vision: simplify the sale of farmed animals, guaranteeing the traceability and safety of the products.

Mission: un marketplace per aziende agricole, privati e intermediari facile ed intuitivo.



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